IPSE FREELANCER OF THE YEAR FINALIST (2018) - New To Freelancing Award

BROADCAST DIGITAL AWARDS (2016) - Best Digital Programme Support (Highly Commended) for BBC Three’s Thirteen

BBC TASTER AWARDS (2016) - Editor’s Choice for Odd Taste

LOVIE AWARDS (2015) - Internet Video: Documentary (Gold) for Footballer’s United

LOVIE AWARDS (2015) - Best use of Interactive Video (Silver) for Our World War Interactive

WORLD SUMMIT AWARD (2015) - Entertainent & Lifestyle for Our World War Interactive

PRIX ITALIA (2015) - Best Digital Storytelling for Footballer’s United


Comic's Books - Sideburn Panda (Producer)

Industry Report: 'Immersive Content Formats For Future Audiences' - Limina Immersive for Digital Catapult (Consultant/Contributor)

BBC Tomorrows World - Global Values: Where Do You Fit? - BBC Studios (Digital Producer)

The Natural History Of Selborne - Gilbert Whites House & The Oates Collection (Digital Producer/Consultant)

Sculpture.cam trailers - Yorkshire Sculpture Park/The Space (Digital Producer)

Come To Where I'm From App - Paines Plough (Digital Producer/Consultant)

VR Sessions (Various) - Limina Immersive (Digital Producer/VR Host)

Lanterns - Wild Rumpus (Digital Producer/Consultant)

Back The Blue Belt Campaign - Blue Marine Foundation/Great British Oceans Coalition (Digital Producer/Consultant)

Cambrai 100 - Royal Tank Regiment/Royal British Legion/Ballista Media (Digital Producer)

Curate Livestream Series - Sinfonia Cymru (Digital Producer/Consultant)

What Once Was Ours - Zest Theatre/Half Moon Theatre (Digital Producer/Consultant)

Passchendaele 100 - Royal British Legion/Ballista Media (Digital Producer)

Rambles/Walk With Me Social Stories - Kneehigh Theatre (Digital Producer/Consultant)

Stadium - Birmingham Repertory Theatre/The Space/BBC iPlayer (Digital Producer/Consultant)

The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas - Northern Ballet (Digital Producer/Consultant)

Music Is Torture - Tromolo Productions (Digital Producer/Consultant)

Stories From The Accelerator Hub - Green Rock/NatWest (Producer)

Lo-Fi Extend Project Development (Various) - The Space (Digital Producer/Associate)


Talking Balls - BBC Three (Producer)

Guerrillas Snapchat Takeover - BBC Three (Producer)

Hugh And The Ivory War Social Media Campaign - BBC One (Producer)

Mates Vs Monsters - BBC Taster (Producer)

Football Literally - BBC Three (Producer)

BBC Shakespeare Live! Social Content - BBC (Producer)

What Is That? Science Quiz - BBC Taster/BBC Science (Producer)

Jim’s Celeb Blender - BBC Three/BBC Taster (Producer)

Thirteen - #FindTheGirl - BBC Three (Producer)

Thirteen - Lost Years - BBC Three (Producer)

BBC Three Launch Social Idents - BBC Three (Producer)

Odd Taste - BBC Taster (Producer)

No Think Dinners - BBC Food (Producer)

Sound Of Autumn - BBC Taster/Autumnwatch (Producer)

Transfigure - BBC Taster (Producer)

News Rush - BBC Taster (Producer)

Ramadan In A Day - BBC Taster (Producer)


Footballers United - BBC iWonder (Associate Producer)

Our World War Interactive Episode - BBC Three/BBC iWonder (Assistant Producer)

BBC iWonder (Various) - BBC Knowledge & Learning (Assistant Producer)


Your Paintings - BBC Knowledge & Learning/BBC Arts/Art UK (Site Manager/Assistant Producer)


Can You Compete Under Pressure? - BBC Lab UK (Researcher)

Test Your Morality - BBC Lab UK (Researcher)

The Get Yourself Hired Test - BBC Lab UK (Researcher)

The Stress Test - BBC Lab UK (Researcher)

The Big Money Test - BBC Lab UK (Researcher)

The Big Risk Test - BBC Lab UK (Researcher)

How Musical Are You? - BBC Lab UK (Researcher)

The Great British Class Survey - BBC Lab UK (Researcher)

Channel HMV - USP Content/HMV (Producer/Production Assistant)